Hey there guys! I hope all of you achieved the grades you wanted. This is just a quick post to say that I’m off to uni after achieving 4A* in my exams (I know, I’m as shocked as anyone else!!) and that I won’t be posting on this blog any more. I will however be keeping the blog up forĀ future A2 students.

Best of luck in everything you do!




Hey there,

I’ve been really busy recently because of mock exams and whatnot, but I’m going to get some psychology notes and a huge collection of Macbeth notes (and potential essay) over the next week. I’m going to start preparing for my coursework, so may post some revision/notes on whichever text I decide to do (at the moment, it’s looking like I’m going to write about Hamlet).

If anybody would like me to post some AS literature content, I’m happy to share some LITB1 revision content that I made last year!


First post!

Hi there!!

I ultimately decided to create this blog on a late night essay writing induced whim! I was (attempting to) write an essay on ‘The Bloody Chamber’ and thought that a blog like this would be a good way to order my thoughts (occasionally an uphill battle) for essays and to revise and share my notes with others.

I’m going to get posting ASAP and I’m really hoping thatĀ this will be a helpful revision tool, both for me and perhaps even others!

– Sian